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(no subject) [28th. Jul, 2009|04:52 pm]
It's my daddy's birthday today! So to celebrate, I made a fabulous Snakes on a Cake cake!

I blame this on annella for finding and making the Kit Kat & M&Ms cake the other day.

Now, my dad isn't really a fan of chocolate except (A) Kit Kats and (B) Cadbury Dairy Milk. So the M&Ms were out, but he DOES like jelly snakes.

And so, Snakes on a Cake was born. Behold!Collapse )

It's just a boring butter cake (from a box) with violently green butter icing, an entire pack of fun size Kit Kats and a pack and a half of Natural Confectionery Company Snakes.

Oh, and I made an awesome spaghetti & meatballs cake for my birthday a couple weeks back. Should post pics of that too at some point.
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AHBL con of awesomeness [21st. Apr, 2009|04:03 pm]
[listening to |Belle and Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying]

Right! Not bothering with panel photos because there are better ones on the Supernatural wiki, as are much better con reports than I feel like writing. Go there for all your con updates!. But here are photos of the photos I acquired this weekend. Colour kind of sucks, the light in my room isn't great and I really don't want to move from my bed to get better photos. You get the gist...

Photos galore!Collapse )
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(no subject) [7th. Dec, 2008|01:09 pm]
[listening to |Bright Eyes - Drunk Kid Catholic]

My mother just got home from her three weeks in California. And now I have presents! Yay!

Pretties!Collapse )
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Ah, kids... [18th. Nov, 2008|03:23 pm]
StumbleUpon just gave me this. The things kids come up with...

I think my personal favourite is

"Dear God,

Thank you for the baby brother but what I prayed for was a puppy.


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OBAMA!!!!!! [5th. Nov, 2008|05:32 pm]

Oh joyous day! I can once again feel proud of my American heritage! Seriously, I have not been happier about an election result EVER, including last year when Australia finally dumped Howard after far too long. The world is seeing some sense again!

Of the three states in which I have family, two have voted Obama and one is still processing (but it's Florida and surrounded by red states, so not looking likely)

ETA: Florida went blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

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Almost home... [5th. Nov, 2008|04:58 pm]
I do NOT know where this year has gone, but it's almost time for me to come home. This time tomorrow I'll be halfway across the Tasman. It's kind of awesome (seeing everyone again) and kind of not-awesome (I really do love it here and don't entirely want to leave).

I am now all packed except for those last-minute things like my toothbrush. I posted home all my clothes except my wedding outfit and what I'll wear on the plane, and we took all our random junk like pots & pans to the Salvos. They call them the Sallies here, incidentally. So I am back to a suitcase and carry-on luggage once more.
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List! [29th. Oct, 2008|09:54 pm]
Things that are awesome about Karibu backpackers:
  • Only 3 of us in an 8-bed dorm. This means nobody has to have a top bunk!
  • SPACE in the room, not just an eensy corridor between beds
  • Carpet!
  • The dorm has its own private bathroom
  • The shower in said bathroom is BLISSFUL. The water is HOT! You get more than a vague trickle of water! The tap isn't broken making it hard to turn on and off!
  • The bathroom also has a counter around the sink, so you can put stuff there like your toothbrush or glasses instead of having to balance these things precariously on the taps
  • Big kitchen with utensils and freebie food box
  • Walking distance to Pak n Save
  • Off-street parking right next to the dorm
  • Unlocked wireless internet somewhere in the vicinity.
Compared to City Groove in Auckland, this place is LUXURY.Sheer, unadulterated luxury.a
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Grrrrr! [27th. Oct, 2008|10:24 am]
So very angry at this backpackers. The list of rules includes "Keep noise to a minimum after 10pm" and "Drunken behaviour will not be tolerated, and the use or possession of illegal substances will not be permitted on the premises."

Apparently that doesn't apply if the manager is the one getting the pot and buying the vodka. Most of the people here had a very loud, very drunken party last night to celebrate today's public holiday. They kept us awake till 4am with their yelling and drunken stumblings around. Elle had a go at the manager this morning (who we found passed out in the lounge room, incidentally) and we got a refund for last night. As they damn well should.

Seriously, if you're in Auckland, do not stay at City Groove on Constitution Hill.
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Armageddon! [26th. Oct, 2008|08:31 pm]
We went to Armageddon today. I was really quite disappointed by it. Unless you're into comics/anime there's not a whole lot to do there apart from the celebrity panels. The panels were awesome, even though I don't watch Stargate. The panellists were very funny despite some SERIOUSLY stupid questions from the audience. annella  asked one of the GOOD questions, about what it was like for Andee Frizzell to work on Supernatural (she played Nurse Glockner in Folsom Prison Blues). She told a story about how she'd have to go up to the third floor of an old hospital they were filming in to go to the bathroom, and how she didn't want to run into anything like Nurse Glockner. She also said Jensen is hot. Duh!

We also watched Stargate Continuum. It wasn't bad, but mostly set in the Arctic and the room was FREEZING enough as it was.

I'm about to run out of time on the internet, so more later if I get around to it.
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Homewards! [17th. Sep, 2008|05:10 pm]
We have booked our flights back to Sydney. We'll be home late afternoon on November 6. Abi will be there for a few days before heading home, and I'll be home for...a little while at least.

That's all for now!
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